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For 130 years, Max Matthiessen has helped companies and individuals make informed decisions about pensions, insurance and investments. We know that the personal meeting makes a difference.

Max Matthiessen

Max Matthiessen is one of the leading insurance brokers in Sweden. Our financial advisers, administrators, and specialists have extensive experience in helping employers and individuals with procurement, analysis, packaging and administration of market-leading savings and insurance solutions.


The company was founded in 1889. Today we have about 450 employees at over 30 locations throughout Sweden. In 2019 our gross turnover was approx. SEK 1.5 billion.








Advice to your company

Max Matthiessen offers strategic and ongoing advice for your company and your employees regarding pension plans, insurance and benefits in Sweden and internationally. We will develop guidelines and policies, and we will structure and procure your benefit packages. Also included are global monitoring and reviews with follow-up and revision as needed of our co-operation over time.

Since Max Matthiessen works with a wide range of insurance companies and financial institutions, we can offer the best products and services tailored to your needs. The solution we offer will often include administrative services, as well as information, advice and web services to your employees.


Max Matthiessen will help your company procure a pension and insurance solution offered under your policy, either by using one of our turnkey solutions, or by a customised solution that meets your specific requirements. We can also offer concepts that cater to the specific needs arising in privately held companies. Max Matthiessen also offers strategic health advice for your company to get the best possible outcome of your investment in creating a healthy workplace. We can also offer competitive insurance solutions.

Advice to your employees

Occupational pension is a much-appreciated benefit among employees. At the same time there are many who feel that this is something complicated and difficult to fully understand.  Your company has much to gain by helping your employees to get personalized solutions, both for long-term saving and insurance coverage. With Max Matthiessen’s advisory services, the knowledge of your employees will increase and they will realize the true value of their employee benefits.

Benefits administration

Administering financial security solutions takes time and requires knowledge. Max Matthiessen is continuously working to streamline and simplify the administrative process for our clients. Today we are industry leaders in developing innovative and efficient solutions. We can, for example, offer you our web service Företagstjänsten and our benefits portal Förmånsportalen.

Employee communication

With Max Matthiessen’s web-based information and transaction services, your employees get a good overview and control over their pensions, savings, benefits and insurance coverage. Through our customer magazine and our newsletters we keep your employees updated within the area of pension and savings.

Experienced teams and specialists

Your company and your employees are taken care of by a dedicated client team, which has extensive experience and knowledge. The team works closely with you and you will often be in almost daily contact. The team will help your company all the way from need to solution and will also ensure that the proposed solution works and is revised when conditions change.

Each client team also has the support of Max Matthiessen specialists in legal, compliance and financial matters, as well as in administration, system support and communication. They will also collaborate with external specialists in different areas when needed.


Advice for you

With Max Matthiessen’s advice and analysis you and your family will get the right insurance coverage. You will also get a savings plan with a good combination of risk-taking and opportunities for return, regardless of whether you are saving on a short-term or a long-term basis. The type of insurance and savings products that are right for you and your family will depend on factors such as age, gender, family status, personal financial situation, risk propensity, needs and desires. We put a lot of effort into understanding your situation and your needs before we give advice.

In most cases, it is your employer who engages Max Matthiessen in order to help you make conscious and informed decisions about your occupational pension. It is true that occupational pension is important, but it is still only one part of a comprehensive security solution. It is important to see the big picture. We therefore recommend that the advice covers public (government) as well as privately sponsored programs.

Save and invest

You have many options to choose from when it comes to how to invest and manage your savings. Max Matthiessen will help you find the way that is best suited to your interest and your knowledge, desired activity level and attitude to risk. This applies whether you are saving for the short or the long term. Our research department helps us to analyse and evaluate both mutual fund and insurance companies, as well as their products.


With Max Matthiessen’s advice and analysis you and your family will get the right insurance coverage. We start from a holistic perspective and know what you need to supplement and not. For example, we help you with:

  • Disability insurance – financial security in case of accident and illness
  • Child and youth insurance
  • Health and medical insurance  – Eliminate long lines and get prompt medical care if you become ill
  • Life insurance – financial security in case of death


Web Services

With Max Matthiessen you will have access to tools that help you manage your savings, your benefits and to get good control of the whole.


Max Matthiessen Privattjänsten on the Web gathers all your pensions, insurance, mutual funds and other assets in one place. It cannot be simpler than that. You do not have to rely on insurance and net worth statements from many different sources to create a complete picture of your situation. In addition, you always have access to updated information when it suits you. You get an unbeatable overview and total control over your insurance coverage, your savings, your premiums and your holdings of mutual funds, equities and structured products. You can also do your own calculations and simulations.


Maxfonder.se is Max Matthiessen’s marketplace for funds. Regardless of the goals for your saving, you will get access to the market’s best products in one and the same place. Since no single manager can be the best at everything, Maxfonder.se offers a comprehensive range of funds from different fund companies to choose from. Here you can find everything for your savings, whether you are looking for mutual funds with the best managers and funds, a tax-efficient endowment, or an investment savings account (ISK).

Benefits portal

In Max Matthiessen’s Benefits portal the benefits you get from your employer are displayed. You also see the benefits to which you have access and which you have availed yourself of. The Benefits portal also contains information about various offers. The portal is easy to use and it is easy to advantage of offers made.


Our experience and advice make difference

When you choose Max Matthiessen, you can rest assured that decisions are made with the greatest of care.

As a financial advisor, we help companies and individuals to make informed decisions concerning pensions, insurance and investments.

At the same time, we recognize that the right knowledge is only half the job. The rest is all about you. Understanding your situation, your needs and where you will be in the future. This is equally true whether you meet us as an employer, employee, self-employed or private individual.


Alongside our advisory service, we educate and guide entire organizations and develop benefit packages that suit all employees.

When you choose Max Matthiessen, you can rest assured that decisions are made with the greatest of care. We are the largest life and non-life insurance intermediary in the Nordic Region. We have 450 employees that help over 150, 000 clients at 28 locations around Sweden. Through our international network we have access to resources, experience and skills. This makes us a global supplier with local power and global reach.


Most important is, of course, what our clients think. So we have asked them, and 98 per cent responded that they are satisfied with our efforts, which confirms what we have always been convinced of – our experience and advice make the difference.


Contact us

Feel free to contact us if you have questions, need advice or want to become a client of Max Matthiessen.


Max Matthiessen's headquarters

Address: Lästmakargatan 22 (see map)
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Telephone switchboard: +46 8-613 02 00
Fax: +46 8-406 06 70
E-mail: info@maxm.se


Company name: Max Matthiessen AB
Corporate identity number: 556421-0911
Registered office: Stockholm


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Max Matthiessen AB
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Processing of Personal Data

On May 25th, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enters into force in Sweden and all of the EU’s member states. The purpose of the regulation is to improve the protection of your personal data. The regulation gives you certain rights, such as the right to information about how we process your personal data, and what personal data is being processed. You also, as a general principle, have the right to rectification and erasure of personal data. Under certain circumstances, you also have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data.


In order to ensure that you feel comfortable with our processing of your personal data, we have put together information that describes our processing of personal data. The information differs depending on your relationship with us. The processing of personal data for a customer and for a person representing a company is described in different ways. If you would like more information regarding our processing of personal data, we recommend you to read one of our integrity policies.


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If you have any further questions, please contact our data protection officer through e-mail dataskyddsombud@maxm.se or telephone 08-613 02 00.

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